Being Brave, Fears


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I do not believe that there should be a size or weight cut off when it comes to wearing a bikini. I do however think it takes a lot of bravery and courage to wear one. I don’t care what size person you are talking about. You have to be brave. I am NOT that brave!

If you are overweight, there are going to be those obvious jokes! Let us not forget the discouraging looks and remarks you have to look forward to. I am sure the haters find those remarks to be very helpful and uplifting.

I am not convinced that it is any easier when you are thin or just average. Since people cannot remark on your weight they will find something else because mean people are unhappy. When they are unhappy they need to insure that you will be unhappy too. They are just givers! Is that a stretch mark? She’s too thin… eat a hamburger. Did you see she has cellulite?

News flash everyone has cellulite at some point in their life. Oh yeah, and while we are flashing lets also recognize that everyone struggles with weight some people just handle it better than others. Most people with the “idealistic” body type still watch what they are eating, or they exercise or they do something that keeps them trim. That is what makes them different from me and maybe you too?

In this game of life, we are all the same. We may look different, think different, or even sound different, but our hearts all beat the same. I will never fathom the concept of shaming anyone for anything. I especially don’t get the concept if this person can’t change what you find amusing. If someone is born with a long wide nose, what makes people compelled to shame them over it? They did nothing wrong, they didn’t ask for the nose, they can’t change it without surgery, and even better… how does their nose impact you?

How does someone’s weight or cellulite impact you? You can feed me your bullshit and tell me that someone who is overweight cost the country so many billions of dollars a year, and it is not fair that everyone else has to pay for it. Maybe you are right! It is also not fair that I have to pay for those who cannot take care of themselves. It is also not fair that I have to pay for those who get cancer from smoking… I mean the smoking was their choice as the eating too much was my choice. There is no difference.

We all have choices and even if I didn’t make the harmful choices I still often have to pay for them. I have to pay for children who get government assistance because they need to eat. I have to pay for public school even if my children are in private school because that is life and that is what we do. Life isn’t always fair.

Wearing a bikini even if it upsets other people is OK. It is your right to do it just like it is their right to wear jeans at the beach. We all make choices that don’t always make others happy however if those choices make you happy than just do it. Be brave and put on that bikini! Don’t let your weight, cellulite, or even that birth mark hold you back! You are much better off being brave!

XOXO -Nicole

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