Photo by Markus Winkler on Pexels.com

I am not going crazy with goals to start off with. I know … I know, it’s not January where everyone puts their goals out there hoping to reach them. It is August and I am putting my goals out there that I would like to reach monthly and in 2021.

Some of these goals are weight loss goals, some are personal goals, and some are those goals that might be a stretch goals.

My stretch goals are only a stretch because of factors in my life out of control. There are things I want to do that might be prevented because of Covid-19. Others are goals that I have with my mom. My mom has had some serious health complications this year and at the end of last year. She is doing so much better but I am not certain we will be able to reach these goals this year, but that does not mean we can’t plan ahead anyway.

Life Goals:

  1. Donate more household items
  2. Purge the house of things we do not need
  3. Craft at least once a week
  4. Self care every week

Weight Loss Goals:

  1. 4 Days a week of exercise
  2. Staying on track with calories
  3. 1 splurge meal a week
  4. Being accountable on Instagram
  5. Drinking 100oz of water a day

5 Pounds a month: 25 pound Goal!

  1. August
  2. September
  3. October
  4. November
  5. December

XOXO -Nicole